Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day one....

What a busy first day for Room 1 children. We explored the whole school. We even went up to the top of the Hall!  We visited all the other classes as well and said hello to brothers and sisters.
We stopped in at our school library and chose our books. They need to be returned next Tuesday.
Tomorrow will be first day for swimming, so please bring your togs. Swimming is all about water confidence, so having fun in the water. I will let you know after tomorrow whether I need some help with this in the afternoon.

Your child should have a stationery form in their bag so we can get started with working in our books. Their clear-file from last year should still be good to use, but parents please empty it at home. We will  start a whole new year of work samples to take home daily.
Kia Ora!


  1. This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Max's favorite part of the day was exploring the school. He's looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. Awesome!!! Liv had a fantastic day!!!