Friday, 10 February 2017

Fridays - Show and Tell...

Katrina and Fred remembered from last year! Fridays is "Show and Tell". Children are allowed to bring one item, anything really - as long as it fits through the door, and talk about it.
So here is our weekly news programme:
  • On Mondays they can show a favourite book.
  • On Tuesdays they can show a photo or picture they like.
  • On Wednesdays it's something to do with science: a rock, an insect, a feather, a leaf etc.
  • On Thursdays it is showing something they made or wrote at home.
  • On Fridays it's Show and Tell.
Reading nights.
There will be a slight difference next week in their homework books. Reading on weekend nights is counted as well. There will be a total for the week. First reward is after 25 nights reading, with a minimum of 10 minutes per night.

Becoming a Powerful Learner:
As part of the "Powerful Learner" work we are doing we are studying books about not giving up, about giving everything a try and to keep trying until we can do what we are learning!

Thursday, 9 February 2017


Swimming is going well. Please note that Room 1 doesn't swim on Fridays, due to our school's assembly.

Who is ready for learning?

Creating Powerful Learners!


Here we are, exploring our Rongowhitiao Hall.


Look at our Greedy Cat. Today we learned the letter/sound a-a-a-a. 

It was right in the middle of cat!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Learning to learn...

We learn and we keep trying.

 Even if we think we can't do something!

There is always the magical word "yet".

We can't do it yet.

We keep trying!

That's what learning is all about!


We really like your comments, feedback and words of encouragement

 on this blog!

  We like comments from mums, dads and other family members.  

Children in Room 1 like to talk about and share all their learning!


Learning to listen for sounds and writing the letter-sounds!

Today we learned the sound/letter s s s s s s s.....

Sun Sun Sun...

We also explored and worked with some of the maths equipment. Look what we did with it!
The boys decided to work together on making a city with roads and houses.
Then some of the girls decided to make the stars in the sky! Tumeke!


Ready for learning!

Are we ready for learning yet?

I am!

We also have the Reading Rocket up.
The Reading Rocket shows the progressions in reading.
Children can check their own progress on the rocket.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Day 1!

Here we are, doing lots of work already....and having a Brain Break so our brains can work well!

Today we learned the letter/sound c-c-c. We call this letter Caterpillar C.
Caterpillar C is used to form quite a few of other letters, like a, d, e, g, o, q, s.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Class of 2017

Here is some information for your child's first week back.

Please find your child’s homework book in their book bag. You will find a weekly reading log. Please read the book with your child and tick the relevant box. Thank you

Children will receive a new reading book or poem every day Monday to Thursday, with most often a poem on Friday.

Please ensure your child reads each night or before they come to school  the next day. Or you may read to them.

Reading books need to be returned each day in your child’s book bag. I will leave these books in their book bags for two weeks, as young children love (and learn by) re-reading  familiar books.

Our spelling programme will continue with learning to write/ spell high frequency words at your child’s reading level.

As we go along you will receive information on how to help your child learn to read, write and spell.

The children will learn about school routines and rules at school. They will also learn how to make and keep  new friends.

We start the term  with communicating and learning lots of things about ourselves and the way we learn. After that we will learn all about water (the water cycle) and water safety.

The New Zealand Curriculum has identified five key competencies. They are about knowledge, skills and attitudes that people use to live, learn, work, and contribute as active members of their communities. These key competency are Thinking; Using language, symbols and texts; Managing self;  Relating to others; Participating and contributing. Managing Self will have a special focus this term in Room 1. 
Self Management in Room 1: Please make up a little list with your child to ensure they bring the following items to school daily: book bag, home work book, togs and towel and a water bottle.
Also library books on Tuesdays, as Tuesday will be our school library day. Children are allowed to take out two books and keep them until the following Tuesday.

Looking forward to working together well to ensure happy learners in Room 1.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything!J Please feel free to write little notices in the homework book and do not hesitate to contact me if you have a query.

Do keep an eye on this blog.


Any messages or feedback on the blog are really appreciated!

Ka kite ano, kind regards, Gertie.