Friday, 16 March 2018

The end of the week!

Our teacher today was Zara, welcoming us and setting up the date board. Great job Zara!

Today we have been learning to use symbols to make a sound-scape:
After that we designed our own symbols for a land-scape: the landscape that surrounds us! We have also learned to label these land-marks using Te Reo:

...and here is Elijah who has learned to write his name really well.  He labelled all his Mobilo creations!

Ka kite ano! See you all Monday!

PS: all Room 1 children did a spelling test today. You will find the results in your child's homework book!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

This week - week 7!

This week we have two assistant teachers in Room 1.  It is their task to welcome everyone, get the date board ready and then take on a teaching role.  Well done Ryker and Sophia!

After that our maths time start.  It is great to see the children challenging themselves and others with new maths problems!

We have had an unexpected special visitor - Mr Weta.  We studied the weta and then learned to write a report.  A report needed to have facts and should have verbs like: is, has, can, lives.  Here is some of our work and the material we used for our study. 

Studying our native flora and fauna fits well with our current study about our past.  Children are learning that while there once was an abundance of species, nowadays we have to protect these to ensure our national treasures - our taonga - do not become extinct!.

After writing time, our reading time starts.  Today we learned about characters and settings of a story.  We listened to a Maori myth and then, after some discussion worked hard to produce some excellent work. Tu meke!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Learning through Maori myths and legends...

Our past...

We have been learning about the past, especially the area where our school is. Therefor we visited  the Te Waotu Playcentre, which is the first, age old Te Waotu Native School.  We visited the Barnett Bush, which is a remnant of bush that existed before the great Taupo eruption in AD 186. Children in Room 1 have been very busy writing about their history!
We have been listening to Maori myths and legends and found out how Maori women first learned to weave: from observing! We learned to weave a kete!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Week 6

We visited Barnett's Bush and learned about its history!
Here is the 1200 year old Totara tree!
Mrs Vullings, Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Bain spoke about the past, the present and the future of this beautiful part of Aoteaoroa: our backyard!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Welcome to week 6!

Welcome to week 6.

 We are very busy with learning basic literacy ‘knowledge and skills’.  During the last 18 months we have been working very closely with a team of professionals to lift the writing level at Te Waotu School.  We do this by accelerating teaching and learning of literacy skills and knowledge.  Teachers are very explicit about what they teach, so students know what they are learning, how they learn it and what it looks like.  Students check their learning according to their learning goals.
Since using this method I have observed great results in the junior room. 

I need YOUR help as well! Some of the basics at the moment are learning all letters and their SOUNDS (not their name) and learning all Butterfly words quickly.  After that children go on different word lists and learn blends and word families. 

You will have found an alphabet chart in their homework book and also a bundle of Butterfly word cards. The cards can be used to play a daily SNAP game. The sounds on the letter chart have to be rehearsed daily. There is also a copy of the Butterfly chart in children's homework books. Children need to be able to say the sounds fast.  It would be great if you could do this daily with your child.  It only takes a few minutes, and it greatly accelerates the speed of their first reading and writing ability. 
Children in Room 1 love to keep track of their own progress on the learning wall!

Here is Jude's achievement!

Jude's mum said: "Wow, go Jude! I'll have to come in and look at some of his writing this week sometime. He has been spending a lot of time on those butterfly words, he can be quite persistent!  Thanks for the certificate!"

Please contact me at school if you need more information.  Kia ora, Gertie

The week that was...week 5!

Here is Marco showing everyone what we need to do first when we come into Room 1 early in the morning. Well done Marco!

We also visited the Te Waotu Play-Centre, at the back of our school. 
 It used to be the original Te Waotu School!  This is our big learning this term - our past!  we are visiting Barnett Bush this week!
Keep an eye out for the newsletter - or find it on the Te Waotu website!  Children will need to wear enclosed footwear on Tuesday - that means walking shoes!