Friday, 6 May 2016

More science testing

This morning Winnie came for a visit. Winnie is a scientist. She wears a white coat, safety shoes,
safety glasses and safety gloves. She has lots of equipment! She has microscope, a magnifying glass and tweezers.

We did Test 1 in our cooperative groups. For test 1 you need milk in a saucer, you drop in some different food colouring and then some dishwash liquid. Look carefully to see what happens!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Science - testing liquids

We have learned about our 5 senses so children can use them when we are observing science tests.
This afternoon we mixed water with food dye and dishwash liquid. Nothing exciting happened.

After that we mixed milk, dye and dishwash liquid... We saw swirly rainbows and colours mixing up all by themselves. It was like magic!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Term 2

Here we the start of a brand new term. This term our focus will be on Science: The Physical World. We will be conducting simple tests and observe and share findings.

On one of our classroom walls is a whanau tree. Your child can put up a photograph there of their family, so family photos will be welcome!

We will start the new term with two more pupils, Joseph Schwass and Fred Meredith. Happy Birthday boys! We now have 13 boys and 5 girls in Room 1.

Our time table has been slighty altered. We are trialling a new daily time table with 3 morning blocks, and 1 afternoon block. There will be a 10 minute stop at 10.05, time for a piece of fruit.
There will be a 20 minute morning tea break at 11.05. Lessons  continue at 11.35 until 12.35 (lunch time). Afternoon lessons will start at 1.30 until 3pm.

Our library time remains the same, Tuesday afternoons. We will have PE on Monday afternoons and Thursday afternoons.

Homework books will be coming home again tomorrow.  You can comment on this blog, or use the Homework book for that purpose as well.

Wishing everyone an exciting learning term!

Ka kite, Gertie.