Monday, 1 February 2016

Welcome to Room 1 Term 1 2016
This term we are learning about ourselves and rules at our school, in our classroom and at home.
We will draw lots about ourselves and paint a self portrait.
We are going to learn to read and write, but first we need to study letters and the sounds they make.
We will be making graphs for Maths about favourite toys, food, ice cream etc.
Later this term we focus on science and we  will learn about floating and sinking.

Our key competency is Managing self.
We are making sure that we bring all our things to school and put them in the right places in the morning. We are going to use our manners all of the time and we are going to stay focused on our work.  We will learn to ask questions when we are unsure. We will bring our togs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ( 1.30pm). On Friday afternoon we will have assembly. We will visit the school library every Tuesday afternoon and will need to return our books on that day.

Our value is: Respect. We will learn about respecting others and their property.

For Early Readers:  we are learning to look at pictures and listen to stories. We are learning  to carefully look and point at words, to get ready with first sounds, and to re read when our reading doesn’t make sense.  We are learning to read to the full stop and fast around corners.

For more advanced readers: we will be studying ideas, characters, problems and solutions in stories, learn about grammar, read with expression and use punctuation appropriately.

For writing we are learning to draw and label our stories. We are learning  lots of high frequency words.  We are learning  to get ready with listening for the sounds in words and record them fast and in the correct order.  We are also learning to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.  We are using different charts to help us write words.

For Maths we are learning  how to make  5 and 5+, what makes 10 and 10 plus.  We are learning to make simple colour patterns with equipment. We are learning to count on from a given number to 20  and then to 40, to solve addition and subtraction problems.  We will be measuring content using water. We will be learning about making graphs.

 Daily News: On Mondays we share favourite books. On Tuesdays pictures from newspapers or magazines. Wednesdays we share something to do with science. On Thursdays we share pictures and stories from our Writer’s Notebook, and on Fridays it is Show and Tell, anything goes (as long as it fits through our classroom door!).

For Maori we are learning to use greetings, names of colours, counting in Maori and say our Mihi.
For P.E. we are learning to move confidently in the water and have fun!

Children will receive Homework books in Week 2 when all stationery should be here! This Homework book is a neat way to view your child’s reading progress and also to stay in contact with me.
I am looking forward to an enormously fun-filled and creative 2016.





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