Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Oh wow!

Writing time...

We are working hard at writing time. Ask your child what they are learning at writing time! They all know!

National Standard in Reading...

There was a question about the National Standard. What happens if your child reaches the Standard before they have finished their first year at school?
Your child will continue their learning with National Standard after two years at school.
Click on link for more information.

Our reading programme in class continues through the different levels. Here are the colours we work our way through.
National Standards don't stop the learning if those Benchmarks are achieved. We just continue onto the next level!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Generating rhyming words..

We love Greedy Cat, so we made Greedy Cat. We thought of many words that rhyme with cat and wrote them on the back!

Superstar Aneece!

Aneece is our Superstar today for working super hard!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Play based learning... Interesting article!
Producing critical, creative and innovative thinkers

Woohooo we are on the right path..! We do have
A play house
Paint tables
Play dough table
Construction toys
A water table
A shop
A craft trolley
Maths play equipment

We do need an old suitcase for dress up items! Have you got anything we could use? ( a suitcase and dress up items!).
We also need small empty packets and small empty boxes and other items for our shop.

Ka kite, Gertie

Writing time..

This is what we are learning at writing time...
And this is what the more advanced writers are learning in Room 1...