Friday, 10 February 2017

Fridays - Show and Tell...

Katrina and Fred remembered from last year! Fridays is "Show and Tell". Children are allowed to bring one item, anything really - as long as it fits through the door, and talk about it.
So here is our weekly news programme:
  • On Mondays they can show a favourite book.
  • On Tuesdays they can show a photo or picture they like.
  • On Wednesdays it's something to do with science: a rock, an insect, a feather, a leaf etc.
  • On Thursdays it is showing something they made or wrote at home.
  • On Fridays it's Show and Tell.
Reading nights.
There will be a slight difference next week in their homework books. Reading on weekend nights is counted as well. There will be a total for the week. First reward is after 25 nights reading, with a minimum of 10 minutes per night.

Becoming a Powerful Learner:
As part of the "Powerful Learner" work we are doing we are studying books about not giving up, about giving everything a try and to keep trying until we can do what we are learning!

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