Wednesday, 24 May 2017

This blog...

It is great to see the progress and personal growth of students. I like to share this often with parents, whanau and the wider school community.
It would be great if you, our readers, would contribute more actively so children can see and read your comments in class and perhaps write back to you.
At the bottom of new (and old) messages you will see a tab: No comments. Please click on that and leave us a small message. We would greatly appreciate that and it would give children in Room 1 a reason to write back. It would also enable them to connect with a real audience for their writing. So please leave your comments and thoughts on our blog. Thank you from Room 1!
Here is Jayden as our Superstar!

...and here we are off to another learning adventure!

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  1. Room 1, what super stars you are. I love reading about what you are getting up too. You are doing great work! Mrs Gray