Wednesday, 15 June 2016

"No David!"

We often read the "David" books by David Shannon. They are hilarious, about a naughty boy called David. There is not much text but is has great opportunities for many discussions on the mat. I always ask the children if they liked the book  or page - "to put a finger on your nose or a hand on your head if you disliked it". That already provides great opportunity for discussions. Also, they takes turns to tell the story by just looking at the page.  Often children remember things from home and  their own stories are being told too. These books are so well liked, even after 50 times they are still popular! "Can we do David please!!"
Anyway, the best thing of all is that we are discussing key competencies all the time: eg managing self, relating to others, participating etc. which is so important for transition.

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