Thursday, 26 May 2016

National Standard in Reading after one year at school

Year 1 enclosed in a circle.

The reading standard

After one year at school, students will read, respond to, and think critically about fiction and non-fiction texts at the green level of Ready to Read (the core instructional series that supports reading in The New Zealand Curriculum).

Key characteristics of texts at green level

Texts at green level have been designed with characteristics that include:
  • generally familiar contexts and settings
  • one text form, and one main storyline or topic, for each text
  • most content explicitly stated but also some implicit content that provides opportunities for students to make simple inferences
  • illustrations that support and extend the meaning but may not exactly match the words
  • many high-frequency words
  • topic words and interest words (including a wide range of regular and irregular verbs and some adjectives and adverbs) that are likely to be in a reader's oral vocabulary and that are strongly supported by the context or illustrations
  • some visual language features such as diagrams or speech bubbles
  • sentences that run over more than one line but do not split phrases
  • dialogue between easily identified speakers
  • a range of punctuation, including speech marks and commas, to support phrasing and meaning.
These characteristics support the development of reading behaviours that are illustrated here.

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