Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Our new super duper placemats!

Your child will have their own placemat to work on. One side shows their name and their next learning steps for Reading, Writing and Maths. The other side shows their tools for writing and ten frames for maths. Your child will have one learning step for each area. It is important that children themselves are aware of their next learning step! It will accelerate their learning!

Next steps in reading might be:
  • Point to every word.
  • Get ready with first sounds of words.
  • Read to the full stop.
  • Go fast around the corner when there is no full stop.
Children will get one step at a time and when almost consistently attained go on to the next step.

Next steps in writing might be:
  • Know all letter sounds.
  • Write down sounds, to start with beginning sounds in words.
  • Leave finger spaces.
  • Find words on your Butterfly chart.
Next steps in maths might be
  • Learn to count to 10 then 20 and recognise these numbers
  • Know what makes 5.
  • Know what makes 10.
  • Combine two sets to add.
  • Take away from a set to subtract.

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  1. Cool videos, Hayley had a great time watching them and tell me all about her super learning!